Specialist Services

Above and beyond the lengthy list of disciplines Addison can work within, over the years, we have found ourselves being asked to carry out some highly specialised projects that often find their way into our main portfolio of solutions.

Below are examples of how we can help in other areas.

Energy & Renewables

Utilising all our capabilities across the various disciplines, we are able to pull together fully scoped packages around Solar Photo Voltaic, Battery Storage and other renewable sources of energy, ensuring that we can help ensure you are making the most of the technology growth in this area.

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Engineering Audits

Do you monitor whether and how well are you meeting legal and company requirements or best practices? Maintaining in-house processes is essential for meeting legal standards and requirements, so putting yourself under scrutiny with regular auditing should be a priority.

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3D Laser Scanning

Laser scanning is the next generation of surveying technology. It can be used to produce detailed, high accuracy scans for many surveying applications and within a wide spectrum of industries. Addison Project works only with the latest technology, which has highly accurate up to ranges of 80m.

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Pressure Relief Requirements & Equipment Sizing

Addison Project has a multidiscipline team specialising in the assessment of pressure relief requirements. With over 30 years experience of solving real pressure relief challenges across a wide variety of industries, our team has unrivalled knowledge and understanding of the field.

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Process Skid Design and Manufacture

A modular skid is a process system contained within a frame that allows for easy transportation. Individual skids can contain complete process systems and multiple modules can be combined to create larger systems or entire portable plants.

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Our experienced engineers are able to offer consultancy on areas where you may need that bit of extra support, such as in areas of Fire & Explosion Engineering (DSEAR and ATEX), Asset Registers or reviews of site electrical infrastructure to comply with BS 61936. – 2010. As with our core services, our engineering consultancy is available on a flexible basis at short notice.

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If the design and build have already been carried out, it often pays to have an independent overview on plant and process operation. Addison Project’s Process Engineers can offer a high level of commissioning capability to get your project to the production stage.

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Pipe Stress Analysis

Addison have the ability to perform pipe stress analysis in-house utilising the latest CEASAR II software.

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Structural Inspections

Addison Project has the scope to be able to provide our resources at short notice to survey and inspect assets and produce reports with recommendations. 

We have experience in completing various types of structural and mechanical surveys or inspections, from a basic visual check of a single pipe support through to the production of an Asset Register condition report, dependent on your requirements.

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