Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Addison!

As we draw to the close of another highly successful year, we look back on our notable achievements.

Thank you for all the support you have given us throughout the year. Here’s wishing you and your families a Splendid Christmas and a Very Happy New Year, from all your friends at Addison.

In Addison Project our Northeast office continues to develop and grow, we’re very excited about our further opportunities in the region. We’ve already carried out modifications to the office to accommodate extra engineers and it looks like we may need to move to larger premises in the future. Winning the highly prestigious NEPIC Engineering Firm of the Year Award for 2023 was a really great start to the year. We are also doing some very exciting work in the carbon capture and related sustainable fuels fields, as we look to expand opportunities in these emerging technologies in the new year.

Our Addison Precision business continues to shine brightly. Increased automation, digitisation and rapidly moving forwards on our decarbonisation journey mean that we are at the forefront of not only peers but also major players in the sector. This year we have presented at numerous events to share and offer our knowledge and experience to other companies about how we’re transitioning our manufacturing facility and offices towards Net Zero in our operations.

Earlier in the year we were proud to win the Lancashire Red Rose Engineering Firm of the Year award and won the SME of the Year Runner Up award at the recent Northwest Make UK Awards in early November.

Addison Engineering Hillhouse has had an extremely busy year, with not a moment’s rest as the workload continued at record levels. The interaction, collaboration and cooperation between Addison Project and Addison Engineering has been impressive. Whilst separate companies, the seamless coming together has delivered some exceptional performances. Our clients have not seen any distinction between the companies and had very positive experiences.

Across the group, we have bolstered up our trainee and apprentice intake during 2023, with some exceptional talent joining each of the businesses. With further support from our brand-new Addison Academy, launching their online training portal, we look to increase and improve our training and development for all staff and roll out as an external provision.

From all the general feedback we’re receiving, from both external organisations and our clients, we’re clearly well ahead of our competitors when it comes to our ESG strategy, decarbonising the business and progress on our journey towards NetZero. It has become second nature for us to undertake projects which either conserve energy or to invest in initiatives which self-supply electricity. This has led to us being able to offer our expertise and knowledge to existing customers and a whole set of new clients. We’ll be launching this brand-new service early in the new year, which will include carrying out digital twinning, integrated with analysis software, to help and assist businesses make informed and intelligent decisions as they look to transition and meet their own environmental targets.

As a group of businesses, we are doing more than ever with our community and social value work. We continue to support several community organisations and grassroots charities.

Some of our 2023 sponsorships include Fleetwood Bowling Club, the 7th Tee at Fleetwood Golf Club, Fleetwood Cricket club, Carnforth Rangers, junior football teams, Linnets Ladies TeamPhysio, as well as individuals playing Rugby, a British National under 21 Dressage rider and a children’s golf team in the North East.

The contributions everyone made across our offices for the local food bank collections this month was massive and really warming to see, as we continue to help and support valuable community projects for those less fortunate, with our membership of Community and Business Partners plus engaging with employee and business led initiatives.

As a responsible employer, doing the right thing is very important to us. Remaining competitive is our biggest challenge but we answer this by doubling down on our proven philosophies and practices that have brought us this success over the years and we continue to challenge ourselves to constantly improve and innovate to achieve new levels of performance.

We will continue to question all the industry norms, evaluate our successes, and learn from any failures by introducing new controls and mechanisms which work effectively and efficiently to support our business growth.

Success today simply means further investment for tomorrow. Our financial health is strong, and our success means that everyone belonging to our company and our current and future clients can look forward to that future with excitement.


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