Pipe Stress Analysis

On key plant, mechanical design is about so much more than the structural aspects. It’s vital to understand the impact of operational elements over time. Only by analysing this at the design stage, or when failings occur, will problems be avoided.

Predicting the Future

CAESAR II is the market leading software for pipe stressing. It uses beam theory to evaluate piping systems and plants to international standards. CAESAR II does not use the conventional FEA Analysis that many stress packages use, but instead uses stick models comprising of elements connected by nodes. CAESAR II uses computational codes from inputted data to determine whether a particular pipe network, vessel or plant will pass or fail during operation.

CAESAR II uses three load cases to determine the feasibility of a system.

  • Sustained Loads: Those due to forces present during normal operation.
  • Occasional Loads: Those present during rare intervals of operations.
  • Displacement Loads: Those due to displacement of pipe.

This capability, twinned with our general mechanical and specifically piping design expertise and experience, now means that Addison can be your complete piping design solution.


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